• Moving Mountains

06/14 Phase 2 Summer Strength

Monday- MTN Strength

Set 1-

Build to a 75% Back Squat then


Back Squat

Tempo- 2/0/2

Rest/Stretch- 60 Seconds between sets

Stretch- Runners Lunge + Twist

No Barbell Option


Back Facing Landmine Squat

5/5 Single Leg Squat to Box

Set 2

E3MOM for 12 mins

200m Run

6/6 Surrenders

12 Tall Kneeling Bicep Curl to Press

Set 3

3 Rounds

15 GHD Hip Extension w/ Row

15 Sit up with Lat Pull Over

15/15 Side Plank ABduction

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

KB Complex

7 Rounds

On a 1:30 Clock

8 Deadlifts

6 Two arm Power Clean

4 Goblet Squat

2 Push Ups

Set 2

7 minute clock

400m run then AMRAP


Alternating SA DB Snatch

Jumping Lunges

Weighted Sit ups

Rest 2 mins

7 min clock

Row 500m then AMRAP


Push Press

Dumbbell Hop over

Renegade Rows

Wednesday- MTN Strength

Set 1



Build to a Heavy 3 reps

Rest/stretch :90 between Rounds

Walking Hamstring Stretch

No Barbell option


DB, KB, or Land Mine Deadlift

DB Walking Lunge to Single Leg RDL

Set 2

5 Rounds

5 DB Pull/Press Complex

1 rep =

-SA Bent Over Row R

-SA Bent Over Row L

- Regular Bent Over Row

- DB Hang Clean

- SA OH Press R

- SA OH Press L

- Regular OH DB Press

5/5 Lateral Box Jump

12 cal bike

Rest 30 sec each round

Thursday- MTN Conditioning


Set 1

3 Rounds

12 Dual DB Snatch

6/6 Dumbbell Plank Passthroughs

400m Run

Rest 60s

Set 2

3 Rounds

10 Sumo Goblet Squat

6 Push up to KB/DB tap

5/5 Burpee w/ Lateral Hop over KB/DB

Rest 60s

Set 3

3 Rounds

10 Shoulder Y+L

5/5 Renegade row to Side Plank

30 sec Hollow Hold

10/10 Half Kneeling Slashers

Friday- MTN Strength

FLEX Friday

Set 1

4 Rounds

8/8 SA OH KB Press- Alt

8/8 Kroc Row

Set 2


Dumbbell Drag Curls

Tricep Kick Back

Set 3


Fallen Angels

Candlestick Roll

C-Curve Dumbbell Reach Back

Prone Snow Angles

Saturday Sweat with JT

8 am

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