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07/12 Phase 2 Summer Strength

Last week of our summer strength training block! You will see a couple ramped up repeats with some new challenges too. Go hard and have fun with it! The week of 7/19 will be a transition week. Our Summer MTN Power programming starts 7/26.

Monday- MTN Strength


Set 1

3 Rounds

8 Push Press

2/2 Burpees w/ Lateral Hop Over Bar

300/350m row

Rest 90 sec

Set 2

3 Rounds

8 Cleans

2/2 Barbell Facing Burpees

400m Run

90 sec rest

Set 3

3 Rounds

2/2 Turkish Get ups

30/30 Side Plank w/ Hip Lift

5/5 Walking Lunge to Single Leg RDL

5 Eccentric Pull UPs

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1


4 Rounds

200m Run

10 DB Thrusters

Set 2


4 Rounds

12/15 cal bike

5 DB Front Squats

5/5 Renegade Row

Set 3


4 Rounds

20/25 cal row

10 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows

Wednesday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Build to a Heavy Back Squat


90 sec rest/stretch between sets

Runners Lunge w/ Twist

Set 2

Same set as week 1. Go hard!

5 Rounds for time

12 American KB Swings

12 2 Arm KB Squat Clean

6/6 KB Hop Over

6/6 KB Plank Pass Throughs in Bear Stance

Set 3

3 rounds

1 min each move 10 sec transition

Plank Body Saw

Windshield Wipers

Lateral Bear Crawls w/ Cross Over

Alternating V-Ups

Thursday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

4 Rounds

8/8 KB Front Rack step up- alternate sides

8 KB Deadlift

1 min Plank Pass Throughs

Set 2

Another repeat from earlier in the block. Have fun!

16 min AMRAP

5/5 OH Walking Lunge w/ Plate

15 Russian Triangle's

5/5 Burpee to Lateral Box Jumps

15/15 MTN Climbers

Friday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Build to a 80% Deadlift then

3 x 6

60 sec rest/stretch between sets

Walking Hamstring Stretch

Set 2

5 Rounds

on a 2 min Clock

12/14 cal Row

3/3 Burpee Over Rower

Max Reps BB Push Press with remaining time

1 min rest between sets

Saturday Sweat with JT

8 am

Free Community Workout

All are welcome! Non members email to get signed up.

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