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08/31 Moving Mountains This Week

Last week of Transition! Our Power Program will be up and running on Tuesday, September 8th. Yes... Tuesday! We will be taking Labor Day completely off this year. Our coaches have been working their butts off and are getting a much needed break! I hope that you get one too!


Set 1- Total Body Power

6 Rounds

3/3 Lunge + 3 Back Squat + Plyo's

3/3 Reverse Lunge (Alternating)

3 Back Squat

3/3 Jump Lunges

3 Jump Squats

Set 2- Conditioning

4 Rounds

40 Seconds Power Cleans

20 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Shoulder to Overhead

20 Seconds Rest

Run 200 m

Rest 20 sec after the last person returns from the run then start the set together again.



Set 1

3 Rounds- For time

8 KB Hang Power Cleans + Push Press

4 box jumps

400m run

Set 2

3 Rounds for time

6/6 Weighted Lateral Step up and Over

6/6 Single Leg Lunge Leap

500m row

Set 3

3 Rounds- NOT for time

5/5 Single Leg RDL

60 sec Zombie Plank

5/5 tall kneeling plate half moon

5/5 Plate Surrenders- Same Plate


Set 1-


Deadlifts- building weight

Set 2

4 Rounds

8/8 Single Leg RDL

8 Supine Barbell Rows (SLOW)

Set 3-

Do as many Tabatas as time allows

Tabata 1- Battle Rope

Battle Rope Waves

Side Plank Hip Lift

Tabata 2- ISO hold transitions- Med ball

Single Leg Burpee w/ Lateral Hop over Ball- Plank Hold

Russian Twists- Boat Hold

Tabata 3-

Jump Lunges

Plank Battle Rope Snakes


Set 1

Strength + Power

4 Rounds

5 Tempo KB Front Squat

5 Scotty Bobs

Set 2


10 min EMOM

Odd: 40 sec DB Hop Overs

Even: 8 Burpees

-2 min rest-

10 min EMOM

Odd:4/4 DB Snatch + 5 Box Jumps

Even: 150m Row

Casual Friday

Pyramid Style!

The Dirty Dozen Pyramid WOD

To complete the workout start with 1 Inchworm Push up, then do 1 inchworm and 2 lateral bear crawls, then 1 inchworm, 2 bear crawls and 3 burpees.... You get the picture! Keep building until you get to 12 Alternating DB Statches. The fastest one to the top wins free high 5's for a week! ;-)

1- Inchworm Push Up

2- Lateral Bear Crawls

3- Burpees

4- Lateral Step Ups- weighted

5-DB Surrenders- weighted

6- Alternating Front Lunges- weighted

7- Box Jumps

8- Renegade Rows

9- Bench Dips

10- Single Leg RDL

11- DB or KB Swings- American

12-Alternating SA DB Snatch

Saturday Sweat

8 am

Free Community Workout

Sign up is required. All are welcome!

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