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4/26 Max your MemberSHIP Challenge- Week 1


Monday marks day 1 of our MAX Your MemberSHIP challenge! For the next five weeks all you have to do is show up. You and your team earn points for every workout. Bonus points for completing the Mindset Monday Challenge of the week! Those will be posted on the board in the gym as well as here and in the Moving Mountains Crew Facebook Group. If you aren't in there, get in there!

All registered members will receive an email with the official rules and team assignments Sunday, April 25th.

Monday- MTN Strength

Set 1

4 Rounds

8 Bent Over BB Row Supinated Grip- 2/0/2

8/8 Slow Renegade Rows

Set 2


Front Squat

Toes to Bar/ Knee to Armpits

Stack Weighted Plyo Skier

200m run between sets

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1-

3 Rounds

10 DB Front Squats -Tempo 2/0/2

8/8 Single Leg Squat to Box- 4/2/1

5 Scotty Bob

Set 2

15 min AMRAP

6 Devil Lunge

6/6 DB Lateral Step Up and Over

12 Wall Balls

12/12 DB Pass throughs

Wednesday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Build to a heavy 3 deadlifts


Between Sets

5/5 Active Hamstring Stretch

Set 2


Min1: 200m Row

Min 2: 6/6 Single Arm OH Walking Lunges

Min 3: 10 Devil Press

Min 4: 6/6 Lateral Lunge w/ Bent Over Row

Thursday- MTN Conditioning


Set 1-

4 Rounds

8/8 Dumbbell Snatch

4 Box Jumps w/ 3 sec pause on landing

200m Run

60 sec Rest

Set 2-

4 Rounds

8 Dumbbell Thrusters

8/8 Dumbbell Hop Overs

10/13 cal Bike

60 sec Rest

Set 3

3 Rounds

5/5- 1/2 Kneeling Slashers

60 sec Forearm Plank Body Saw

10 Kneeling Plate 1/2 Moons

60 sec slow MTN Climbers

Friday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Barbell Complex

10 mins to build to a moderate weight then...

8 min Grind- Work slow and steady

1 Deadlift

1 Power Clean

1 Squat Clean

1 Push Press

Set 2


10/12 cal Bike

3 Scotty Bobs

Rest 1 min


10/10 Dumbbell Hop Overs

10/10 Bear Stance Pass Throughs

Rest 1 min


8 Box Jumps

15 Weighted Sit Ups

Rest 1 min


10 Burpee to target

5/5 Hanging Knee Circles

Saturday Sweat

8 am

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