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5/17 MAX your MemberSHIP Week 4

May 17th marks the start of the 4th week of our MAX your MemberSHIP challenge! It's go time. The Goal Diggers are currently in the lead but it is still anyone's game.

We have had so many MAXes! We want to give a special shout out to everyone with perfect attendance as of 05/15. You guys are still in the running to win 3 months of the membership of your choice! Keep up the good work!

MAXimizers- Alan McClain, Ashley Dodd, Beth Wilson, Jonathan Gans, Kate Scott, Maren Dunn, Ty Moline, Betsey Stewart, Jessica DiRienzo, Taylor Kissel, Taylor Graham and Kyle Wisniewski

Goal Diggers- Kristin Gardner, Lindsey Bedell, Matt Dodd, Stephanie Kissel, Melissa Alger, Robbeye Samardich, Jamey Cunningham, Kelsey Collins, Jennifer Fitzhugh, Betsey Stewart and Sammie Ellsworth

Here is what is coming your way this week.

Monday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Build to a 70-80% Press weight

then 4x8

Barbell Press- 2/0/2

SA 1/2 Kneeling DB Press- 4/2/1

Set 2

4 Rounds for Time

200m Run

12 Deadlift

9 Hang Power Clean

6 Push Press

3 Burpee w/ lateral hop over bar

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning


10 Rounds for 10 mins

Min 1-

5/5 SA DB Thrusters- Alternate

5/5 Dumbbell Hop Over's w/ Inside Hand Reach (TJT Stack Video, but wtih no stack)

Min 2-

5/5 Renegade Rows in Bear Stance

5 Devil Presses


5 rounds for 10 minutes

6/6 Alt SA KB Clean + Press

5/5 Alt SA Front Loaded Lunges

10 KB swings


4 rounds for 12 min

15 Wall Balls

10 KB or DB sumo deadlifts

12 Overhead Med Ball Slams

10 KB or DB Sumo Squat

BONUS Core Tabata

20 sec mvmt 10 sec hold

8 rounds

DB Plank Pass Through- Plank Hold

DB Weighted Sit up- 1/2 way hold

Wednesday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Build to a heavy 1 1/4 Front Squat


1 Rep:

Full Squat

Up to Parallel

Back to Full Squat


Couch Stretch


Active Hip Flexor stretch between sets

Set 2

3 Rounds against 4 min clock

400m Row, then AMRAP

6 Scotty Bob

4/4 Lateral Box Step up and Over

10 TTB

Rest 60 sec between rounds

Thursday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

3 Rounds 10 Reps

10 Dual KB Power Clean

5/5 Single Arm Power Clean

10 Dual KB Front Squat

5/5 Single Arm KB Thruster

Set 2-

Tabata Time!


Bulgarian Split Squats

Jump Lunges


Bent Over Row



Push Press

Tricep Kick Back


Bicycle w/ Twist

Plank Body Saw

Friday- MTN Strength


Set 1

4 Rounds

10 Thruster

200m Run

Rest 90s

Set 2

4 Rounds

8 Power Cleans

10/10 Bear Stance Shoulder Taps

30s Fan Bike- Increasing Intensity

90 sec Rest

Set 3

3 Rounds

6/6 Single Leg RDL- 4/2/1

10 Prone Snow Angles

6/6 Pallof Press in Lunge Hold

6/6 Lateral Lunge w/ Bent Over Row

Saturday Sweat

8 am

Free Community Workout

All are welcome! Non members email to get signed up.

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