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Christmas Week at Moving Mountains- 12/21

Winter Sport Strength

Phase 2 Week 2

Christmas Week Schedule

Mon-Wed: Regular Schedule

Thursday-Friday: No Classes*

Saturday: No Community Class

*Free Open Gym Access for any current members. Just ask your coach for the code!

Week 2 of winter season strength brings back our FOCUS program!

In this phase we will be doing or most of our FOCUS at the end of each workout. There are a couple days that we sneak a stretch into the workout... This round is all about the hips.

As always our main objective is keeping you strong and SAFE both in the gym and outdoors doing what we love to do. The demands on our bodies change as we transition to snow sports. We have a good start on hip strength coming out of phase 1. Now it's time to build on that and add a little more intention on the mobility side. That is where the FOCUS program shines!

When considering snow sports it's obvious that downhill skiing and snowboarding can involve the biggest risks. Compared to our summer sports, hiking and cycling, these activities involve more rotation and angulation. Muscle memory makes it easy for us to clip back into our bindings and ski or ride a foot of powder on opening day but is it safe to do without any preparation? Nope... that is why you are here! More on why we chose the hips and how it all works to come!

Monday- Strength

Set 1-



Build to Heavy 5

Dynamic Couch Stretch between Sets

(Hip FOCUS movement)

No BB Strength Set

5x5 (5/5 for single sided movements)

DB, KB, or Land Mine Deadlift

DB Walking Lunge to Single Leg DL

Set 2-

Against a 3 min clock- 5 Rounds

Rest 45 seconds between Rounds

4 Deadlifts

2/2 Front Rack Reverse Lunge

4 Push Press

4/4 Burpee w/ Lateral Hop Over Bar

MAX Row in remaining time.

Set can be done w/ BB or KB's


Tuesday- Conditioning

Buy in- Row 1000m


Kettlebell Swings

Lateral Box Up and Jump Overs

Single Arm DB Snatch

Bear Stance Pass Throughs

Cash Out- Row 1000m

Set 2-

Core Tabatas

Meg Style- 20 sec work 10 sec ISO hold

Tabata 1

Side Plank Hip Lift- Side Plank Hold

Alt Leg V-Ups- Boat Hold

Tabata 2

Russian Twists- Boat Hold

Weighted Sit Ups- 1/2 way hold


Wednesday- Strength

Set 1-


Shoulder Press- 2/0/2

Chin Ups

Set 2-

E2MOM- 8 ROUNDS for 16 minutes

Alternate between-

30 seconds DB Hop Overs

10 DB Goblet Squats

5/5 DB Plank Pass through


5 Man-makers

15/19 calorie Bike


Merry Christmas!

Thursday: No Classes

Friday: No Classes

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