• Moving Mountains

Summer Strength Week 7

Monday: Deadlift and Bench strength + Run conditioning

Tuesday: Hiking/Running focused conditioning + MM Leg Blasters

Wednesday: Front Squat Strength + Conditioning

Thursday: Bike Focused Conditioning + Core

Friday: Power Clean Strength + Power Conditioning

Monday 07/13- MTN Strength

Warm Up + Move of Month


Deadlift + Bench

Alternate between DL and Bench

DL- 3x5, 3x3 Build to Heavy

BENCH- 6X8 Build to Moderate


EMO3M- 5 Rounds

Run- Around Roundabout

5/5 Goblet Lunges

15 KB Swings


Tuesday 07/17- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

4 Rounds for Time

3 Pull Ups- MoM Variation of Choice or 10 Kip Swings with or w/o hand release

5/5 Renegade Rows

5 Devil Press

Run- Around Round about

Set 2

2 Rounds

Moving Mountains Leg Blaster


3 rounds 1 min each move 10 sec transition

Plank Body Saw

Windshield Wipers

Alternating V-Ups


Wednesday 07/15- MTN Strength

Warm Up + MoM Work


Front Squat

5x3 Use moderate set of 5 weight- maintain same weight throughout set

MoM- 10 Kip Swings or Kipping Pull Ups between squat sets


4 Rounds for Time

5/5 Reverse Lunge to Step Up- Single Arm Front Loaded

5/5 Single Arm KB Clean to Push Press- Alternate Arms

6/6 Lateral Bear Crawl

12 Kettlebell Facing Burpee


Thursday 07/16- MTN Conditioning

Warm Up + MoM Work

Set 1

3 Round Grind

12/12 Bulgarian Split Squat

12 Wall Balls

6/6 Walking Lunges

6/6 Rotating Wall Balls

15/20 cal Bike

Set 2

Tabata 1-

Leg Lower w/ Hip Lift

Plank Rope Snakes

Tabata 2-

Battle Rope 2 Hand Waves

Renegade Rows


Friday July 17th- MTN Strength

Warm Up + MoM Work


Power Clean 5x2 singles B2H

Between clean rounds

MoM- 10 reps progression of choice


13 min AMRAP

10 Hang Power Clean at 65% of Heavy from set 1

4/4 Lateral Box Jumps

4/4 Hollow Arch Rolls

14/18 cal Bike


Saturday Sweat!

8 am

Partner or Team workout

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