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Summer Strength Week 8

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

It's officially the last week of our Summer Strength block! You have put in the work and now it's time to have some fun with it! MWF we will be re-testing your core 3 strength movements. M-F we will be having "fun" with the core 3 and some of the other combinations we have been working on for the last 8 weeks.

It's going to be a great week!

Monday- MTN Strength and Conditioning

Warm up

Strength Re-Test

Front Squat

Build to a 1RM or 7x3- B2H

No BB Front Squat Set

7x3 Build to Heavy Landmine or DB Front Squat


Teams of 2- First one to complete the circuit wins! :-) One partner works. One partner rests. No rules on getting it done... set can be performed in any order and broken up as teams choose.

4 Rounds Full MM Leg Blasters

60 cals on bike

16 Scotty Bobs


Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Warm up

Set 1

3 Rounds

10/10 KB Split Squat

6/6 Single Leg Runners Balance to Lateral Hop w/ Mvmt

6/6 Alt SA KB Squat Clean


EMOMs for dayyysss....

EMO2M- 5 rounds

13/18 cal Bike

8/8 Renegade Rows

8 Russian Triangles

Rest 2 mins

EMOM- 8 rounds

MIN 1-

6 KB Swings

8 Burpee over KB

MIN 2-

4/4 Alt Single Arm Bent Over Row (same KB)

3/3 Push up w/ Forward Reach- Tap KB handle


Wednesday- MTN Strength and Conditioning

Warm up Strength

Power Clean Strength

Build to a heavy single rep or 7x3 B2H

No BB Clean Set

7x3 B2H Dual KB Clean 2 arm Single KB Squat Clean



RUN- Around round about

6/6 DB Walking Lunges

3/3 Single Leg Runners Balance to Lateral Hop- w/ movement


AMRAP 3- It's only 3 minutes GO HARD!

10 KB Swings

10 KB Facing Burpees



RUN- Around Round About

5 Devil Presses


Thursday- MTN Conditioning

Warm Up

Set 1

Strength + Core

4 Rounds

8 DB Front Squats

8/8 Alt Bent Over Rows

8 Russian Triangles


A repeat from Monday... don't worry, if you were in class on Monday your coach has a plan for you. We just don't want anyone to miss out on this!

Teams of 2 for Time

4 Rounds Full MM Leg Blasters

60 cals on bike

14 Scotty Bobs


Friday- MTN Strength and Conditioning

Warm Up

Strength Set-

Deadlift + Bench

Build to a Heavy Single Rep or 7x3 B2H


Bench Press

No BB DL +Bench Set

7x3 BTH DB, KB, or Land Mine Deadlift

DB Bench Press


5 rounds DB or BB Complex

6 Deadlift

6 Hang Power clean

3/3 Front Rack Lunges

6 Burpee Over Barbell

Run around Roundabout

Rest 90 sec


Saturday Sweat- 8am

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