• Moving Mountains

This week at Moving Mountains- 11/09

Monday- Strength

Set 1-


Tempo Bench 2/0/2

Tempo Push Up 4/2/1

- Level Up Option -

put your feet on a medball to perform the 4/2/1 tempo push up

Set 2

For Time:


American KB Swings

Single Arm KB Hang Squat Clean

Burpee w/ Single Leg Lateral Hop

Renegade Rows


3 rounds MM Leg Blasters

MM Leg Blaster

5/5 Single Leg Squat

5/5 Lateral Squat Jumps

5/5 Alt Front Lunges

5/5 Jump Lunges

5/5 Single Leg RDL

5/5 Rotating Squat Jumps

As fast as possible

Tuesday- Endurance

Set 1-

4 Rounds

5/5 Single Arm DB Split Squats- Back leg on Box

5/5 Tempo Lateral Step Up

5/5 Renegade Row to Side Plank

Rest as needed

Set 2-

12 min AMRAP

6/6 KB Snatch- All reps one side, then switch

5 Goblet Squat

4/4 SA KB Thrusters- All reps one side, then switch

3/3 Goblet Lunges

30 sec KB Hop Over w/ Inside Hand Reach. ( reach like TJT stack video)

GOAL- 4+ rounds

Set 3-

Core Tabata- as many as time allows

Meg Style- 20 sec movement 10 sec ISO hold 8 rounds


Side Plank Hip Lift- Side plank hold

V-Ups- Boat Hold


Bear Stance w/ Hip Drops- Bear Stance Hold

Flutter Kicks- Leg Lower Hold

Wednesday- Strength


Set 1-

3 Rounds

8 Power Clean + PP

6 burpees Over BB

300/350m row

Rest 60 sec

Set 2-

3 Rounds

12 KB DL- Dual or Single

8 Reg Burpees

1 minute jump rope / double unders

60 sec rest

Set 3-

3 Rounds

2/2 TGU

30s/30s side plank w/ Hip lift

5/5 Single Leg KB RDL

10/10 Banded Lateral Squat Walk- Front Loaded

Thursday- Endurance

Set 1-


EMOM w/ a twist.... No rest to be earned. Hold plank or bear stance for the remainder of

the minute after the upper strength movement.

Min 1-

5 DB or KB Strict Press

5 DB or KB Push Press

Plank Hold w/ Remaining Time

Min 2-

10 DB or KB Bent over row

Bear Stance Hold w/ Remaining Time

Set 2-


Buy in

30 Stack T/J/T's

5 Rounds

4 Man Makers

6 Chin Ups

8 Rotating Wall Balls each side

10 Russian Triangles

Cash Out

30 Stack T/J/T's

Friday- Strength

Set 1-

5-5-3-3-1-1 Back Squat (increasing weight)

Between Sets-

5/5 Active Hip Flexor Stretch w/ Rotation

Set 2-

EMOM 16 min:

Min1- 200m Row

Min 2- 6/6 OH Walking Lunges

Min 3- 10 Devil Press

Min 4- 6/6 Lateral Lunge w/ Bent Over Row

Saturday Sweat

8 am

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