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This Week at Moving Mountains- 02/15

Why We Train Rotational (and anti-rotational) Strength

Rotational exercises require you to twist through a rotational pattern, typically with resistance bands and cables, or weights like a medicine ball, plate, kettlebell or steel mace. Remember that it is just as important to prevent rotation as it is to create it, especially for beginners or someone returning from injury.

Your internal and external obliques, serratus, and transverse abdominis are all engaged when you twist your torso explosively in one direction.

These exercises relate perfectly to movements used in sports like our winter sports and everyday life. Training for core rotational strength will allow your body to move fluidly with greater ease, while increasing the power and explosiveness of the movements and decreasing the risk of injury.

Rotational core exercises are the best for developing power in your core and hips, which is one of the main focuses of our Phase 3 Power block. The goal is not torso rotation but rather powerful hip rotation. This allows your body to learn to better utilize hip internal and external rotation to transfer power from the ground. This equals strong and powerful turns... all day long!

Monday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Bench Press Power

Build to 70% then...

Against a 2 min clock-

3 reps Tempo Bench 3 seconds down, explode to lockout

Immediately followed by

1 min- Explosive Push Ups w/ Forward Reach

Set 2

For Time:


Russian KB Swings

2 Arm Squat Cleans

Burpee w/ Single Leg Lateral Hop

Ring Rows

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

5 rounds DB Complex

6 Deadlift- Slow down Power Up

6 Hang Power clean

1 lap across room Front Rack Walking Lunges (short way)

6 Push Press

12/16 cal Bike

Set 2- Power Tabatas

20 secs Work 10 sec rest/transition alternate moves


Bent Over Rows

Ring Rows


KB or DB Bulgarian Split Squat

KB or DB Swings


Thruster w/ Lateral Step

Dumbbell Pass Throughs

Wednesday- MTN Strength


Set 1-

3 Rounds

5 Power Clean

10/10 Bear Stance w/ Shoulder Taps

300m/350m Row

Rest 60 sec

Set 2-

3 Rounds

8 Back Squat

6/6/ Rotating Squat Jump

10/14 cal Bike

60 sec Rest

Set 3-

FOCUS work

Thursday- MTN Conditioning

Long stead grind! GO!

Set 1

Every 3 min for 15 min

200m Row

10 Goblet Squats

10 American KB Swings

Set 2

Every 3 min for 12 min

10 DB thrusters

10 Burpees over DB- lateral hop

5/5 DB Plank Pass Throughs

Set 3

Every 3 min for 9 min

200m Row

5 Devils Lunge

5 Pull Ups or Ring Rows

Friday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Build to Heavy single Deadlift- 85%

Immediately after each attempt

10 pulls on rower for max wattage

Set 2


10 DB snatch R Arm

Lateral Squat Walk- SA Front Loaded

3/3 Renegade Rows

10 DB snatch L Arm

Lateral Squat Walk- SA Front Loaded

3/3 Renegade Rows

Saturday Sweat

8 am

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