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Updated: Apr 18

Our summer training block as arrived! Monday is Day 1 of Phase 1. As always, our summer block focuses on what it takes to keep you strong and safe out on the trails. Running, hiking, biking... we have you covered! Phase 1 brings us back to slow tempo work and asymmetrical loading as well as some fun conditioning intervals.

This spring we are also introducing our MAX Your MemberSHIP challenge! This challenge starts Monday April 26th and runs for 5 weeks. The details are posted on our Facebook page and in the gym. Last day to sign up is Saturday April 24th. Let's do this!

Don't forget!

Saturday April 24th

8 am- Saturday Sweat

9:30 to Noon- Brunch and Hang out

Monday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Power Clean

15 minutes to build to a heavy Power Clean


Childs pose reach through stretch between sets

No Barbell Option-

Sub Kettlebells and double the reps. Still increase in weight


Kettlebell Power Clean

30 sec plank Hold between rounds

Set 2

15 Min AMRAP

10 Box Jumps

10 DB Snatch R

5/5 OH DB Lunge R

10 Box Jumps

10 DB Snatch L

5/5 OH DB Lunge L

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

3 Rounds

5/5 Lateral Step Ups- 2/0/2

5/5 Bulgarian Split Squat- 4/2/1

Repeat on other side

Set 2

4 Rounds

30 sec 10 sec rest/transition

Battle Rope Waves

Ring Rows

Wall Balls

Rainbow Med Ball Slams

Jump Lunges w/ Squat transition

Wednesday- MTN Strength

Set 1


3 Rounds

8 Shoulder To Overhead

8 Wall Balls

2 min row

60 sec rest

Set 2

3 Rounds

5/5 BB Front Rack Reverse Lunge

5/5 Jump Lunges

400m Run

60 sec rest

Set 3

3 Rounds

5/5 Hanging Knee Circles

30 Butterfly Crunches

30/30 sec Side Plank w/ abduction

8 Yoga Push ups

Thursday- MTN Conditioning

Alllll the AMRAPS!

Set 1

15 min AMRAP

200m Run

5/5 DB Step Ups

10 Bent Over Rows

Rest 2 minutes

Set 2

12 min AMRPAP

10 DB thrusters

5/5 Burpees over DB

5/5 Renegade Rows

Rest 2 mins

Set 3

9 min AMRAP

200m run

5 Devils Press

10/10 Bear Stance Shoulder Taps

Friday- MTN Strength

Set 1

Front Squat- Strength Stability Super set

4 Rounds

8 Front Squat- Tempo 2/0/2

4/4 Single Leg Squat- BW Tempo 4/2/1

Set 2

Kettlebell Complex


Single Arm KB Squat Clean and Push Press

Single Arm KB Swing- alternate for total reps

Goblet Hold Lateral Squat Walk

KB Plank Pass Throughs


8 am Saturday Sweat

9:30 - Noon Member Meet Up Brunch!

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