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This Week at Moving Mountains- 1/18

Week 6

It's our last week of Winter Mountain Strength and our Hip Focus work. Next week we have a "fun" transition week and then we jump right in our Power Block. Winter Mountain Power starts February 1st. Get ready to sweat!

If you enjoyed the hip work that we have done in the last 5 weeks let us know! This mobility work is just a small part of what you can be doing to improve and maintain your hip. Remember, lack of strength and mobility in the hips is probably not felt in the hips... If you are battling low back pain or knee pain when you ski or ride it's possibly your hips fault! Keep working on them! It really is ALL IN THE HIPS.

If you want access to these exercises and more reach out to Meg!

Monday- Strength

Set 1-

8 x 4


Sets 1-6

Increase weight to 85%

Sets 7 and 8 at 85%

30 sec each side

Dynamic Couch Stretch between Sets

Set 1- No BB option

5x5 (5/5 for single sided movements)

Sets 1-3 Increase weight, Set 4-5 Stay at heaviest

DB, KB, or Land Mine Deadlift

DB Walking Lunge to Single Leg DL

Set 2-


12/15 Cal Assault Bike

6/6 DB Front Loaded Lateral Step Up and Over Box/Bench/Stack (keep center foot onbox)

8/8 Bear Stance Renegade Row

20 Wall Balls

Cash out- As fast as possible

50 Push ups

50 Chin Ups/Supinated Ring Row

*Break up reps as needed to keep up the pace.

Tuesday- IWT Day

Set 1-

4 Rounds

8/8 DB/KB SA Snatch

60 sec Row (increase pace every 20 sec)

60 sec Rest

Set 2-

4 Rounds

5/5 KB Front Rack Step Ups

10/10 Plank w/ Shoulder Taps

30 sec bike sprint

Rest 60 sec

Set 3-

3 Rounds

5/5 Split Stance Bent Over KB Row

10/10 Bird Dogs

10 KB pull overs

30-45 sec feet elevated plank

Wednesday- Strength

Set 1-

4 Rounds

5 Bench Press

---@85 Tempo 2/0/2

10 Bent Over Rows- DB

--- Challenging Dumbbell weight. Tempo 2/0/2

* Really concentrate on the tempo.

Set 2-

4 Round GRIND

300m Row

8 Lateral Font Rack Squat Walk- R lead

10 Box Jumps

8 Lateral Squat Walk- L lead

10/10 Jump Lunges

Thursday- Conditioning

Set 1-

4 round Grind

5 DB Bulgarian Split Squats- Right Side- 2/0/2 Tempo

5 Front Rack Reverse Lunge to Step Up- Right Side

Repeat Both on Left Side

5/5 Renegade Row

Set 2-

E4MOM- 4 Rounds, 16 minutes

8 Mr. Spectacular

8/8 KB/DB OH Walking Lunge

8/8 DB/KB Hop Over w/ TJT Reach

30 sec Jump Rope

Friday- Strength

Set 1-

Hang Power Clean

12 Min to find Touch and Go Double



(As Many Reps as Possible)

Power Cleans

75% of heaviest double from the first part

Set 2-

Against a 3 min clock- 5 Rounds

Rest 45 seconds between Rounds

4 Front Squat

2/2 Front Rack Reverse Lunge

4 Push Press

4/4 Burpee w/ Lateral Hop Over Bar

MAX Row in remaining time.

Saturday Sweat

8 am

Free Community Workout

Sign up is required. All are welcome!

Non members email to get signed up.

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