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This week at Moving Mountains- 10/26

Ski Season Strength and Endurance

It's that time of year again! Time to get ready to hit the mountain feeling stronger than ever! Our main goal at Moving Mountains is to keep you strong so that you can stay safe and injury free outside, doing what you love to do! This season is no exception. We will be challenging your body in ways that are going to strengthen and prepare you to be on the mountain and feeling great from day 1!

Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, the focus is on strengthening some of the major movements and muscle groups needed to have a successful season. Each strength session will be paired with a winter sport specific conditioning portion, to give you a total body workout for the day.

Tuesday's and Thursday's are all about total body winter sport specific conditioning. One day will have an an emphasis on upper body and core, and the other lower body and core. These are a great compliment to our strength days, and the upper/core and lower/core combo will give you everything that you need to be feeling balanced and ready for the season.

Here we GO!

Monday- Strength

Set 1-

Build to a heavy Power Clean + PP


2 x 5 Rounds

Power Clean + PP

Between set stretch

10 Overhead Openers

Set 2-


6/6 Single Arm Front Rack Reverse Lunge

5 Scotty Bob's

3/3 Lateral Lunge to BO Row

Tuesday- Conditioning

Set 1

6 Rounds E2MOM for 12 minutes

200 m row

6/6 Renegade Rows

Set 2

6 Rounds E2MOM for 12 minutes

KB complex:

6 Bent Over Rows

6 Dual KB Power Clean

6 Strict press

6 FR squat

3/3 Off Set Push ups- One hand on floor one on KB

Set 3

6 Rounds E2MOM for 12 minutes

200 m row

6 Burpee Over Rower

Wednesday- Strength

Set 1

4 x 8

Back Squat- Tempo 2/0/2

8/8 Single Leg Squat- BW Tempo 4/2/1

Set 2-

16 Min EMOM

Min 1-

5 BB Thrusters

3/3 Lateral Hop over BB w/ Touch (TJT over BB)

Min 2-

3 Pull Ups

3/3 Lateral Hop over BB w/ Touch (TJT over BB)

Thursday- Conditioning

5 Rounds

8/8 KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge to Step Up and Balance

20/20 sec single leg plank body saw

Rest as needed

Set 2

5 Rounds for time

6 Devil Press

6/6 Front Rack Surrenders

12/12 Med Ball Skater Jumps

12/12 Med Ball Russian Twists

Friday- Interval Weight Training

3 Rounds

6 Bench Press

10 V-Ups

2 min row

60 sec rest

3 Rounds

10 Hang Clean

20/20 DB Plank Passthroughs

2 min Bike

-----20 sec push hard 10 sec recovery repeated for 2 mins.

60 sec rest

3 Rounds

10 Push Ups- Alt Reg and Narrow Stance

5/5 KB Windmills

5/5 KB Floor Press- Heavy KB's

1 min Lateral Bear Crawls

Saturday Sweat

8 am

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