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This week at Moving Mountains- 01/11

Phase 2 Week 5

We have talked a lot about why we are working on strength and mobility in the hips. Now let's talk about what that might look like in real life... What does the hip do?

The hip is able to perform 6 movements. Flexion, extension, aBduction, aDduction, internal rotation and external rotation.

Flexion: the movement of the thigh towards your chest. Typical range is 100º-120º

Extension: the movement of the thigh behind your body. Typical range is 10- 30º

Adduction: the movement of bringing your leg towards your other leg. Typical range is 20º-30º

Abduction: the movement of bringing your leg away from your body. Typical range is 40º-45º

External/lateral rotation: the movement of turning your knees away from your body. Typical range is 45º-50º

Internal/medial rotation: the movement of turning your knees towards your body. Typical range is 40º-45º

If you are unable to perform any of these movements your body will get there by compensating somewhere else. This compensation leads to muscular imbalances (talked about last week) and often pain. Beyond doing this program, one easy way to make sure that your hips move in all of these ways it to do your "morning routine" aka Hip CARs daily!

Monday- MTN Strength

Set 1-

8 sets x 4 reps

Front Squat 2/0/2

Sets 1-6

Increase weight to 85%

Sets 7 and 8 at 85%

Alternate stretches

OH Openers- 45 sec ish

Active Hip Flexor- 30 sec ish each side

Set 2-

4 Rounds against 4 minute clock:

8 Mr. Spectacular

8/8 Weighted Lateral Box Step Overs

Max meters row with remaining time

60 seconds rest between rounds

Bonus Core Tabata

Meg Style- 20 secs work 10 sec hold

Plank w/ Shoulder Taps- Plank Hold

Flutter Kicks- Leg Lower Hold

Tuesday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1

5 Rounds - increasing weight

5 Strict Press

5 Push Press

5/5 Lateral Lunge to Bent Over Row

Set 2

5 Rounds against 3 min clock

9 cal/12 cal Bike

then AMRAP:

4 Devil Press

4/4 DB Front Squat

4/4 Lateral Box Jumps

Rest 45 seconds between rounds

Wednesday- MTN Strength


Set 1-

4 Rounds-

8 Power Clean

60 sec Bike

60 sec Rest

Set 2-

4 Rounds

10 Front Squat

8 Burpee w/ Lateral Hop Over Bar

Rest 60 sec

Set 3

3 Rounds

5/5 SA KB/DB rotational press

10 KB pullovers

15-20 sec half push up hold

5/5 Straight Arm DB Russian Twist

Thursday- MTN Conditioning

Set 1-

E3MOM - 5 Rounds - 15 Minutes

6 SA KB FR Reverse Lunge (L leg L Arm)

6 Push ups

6 SA KB FR Reverse Lunge (R leg R Arm)

6 Ring Rows

300m/250m row

Rest 3 mins between sets

E2MOM - 6 Rounds - 12 minutes

6 DB Weighted Burpee to Lateral Step Up and Over

6/6 Renegade Rows

Rest 2 mins between sets

EMOM 10 minutes

Odd: 10 DB or KB Clean & Push Press

Even: 150/125m row

Friday- MTN Strength

Set 1-

10-8-6-4-2-1 Reps of:

Shoulder Press- 2/0/2

Chin Ups

Do 10 of each, then 8 of each, 6 of each....and so on until 1 and 1. Building weight until 85%.

Set 2-

5 Rounds

3 min AMRAP

Rest 1 min between rounds

15/15 DB Hop Overs

20 KB swings

10/10 DB snatch- All on Right then all on Left

5 Dual DB Front Squat @ 4/2/1 tempo

Saturday Sweat

8 am

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