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This Week at Moving Mountains- 12/14

Phase 2 is here!

Phase 2, Winter Sport Strength, builds on the foundations that we have put in place from phase 1. This phase continues to focus on strengthening what we need to feel our best and stay safe outdoors this winter. Key movements include the front squat, deadlift, power clean, bench press, and bent over row. We will build strength and control in these movements by incorporating tempo into the strength portion of our days. Our conditioning workouts will be focused on building the stamina that you need for those long days!

Monday- Strength

Set 1-

12 Min to find a Heavy Touch and Go Double Hang Power Clean

back off to 70% of your heavy

then immediately into....


(As Many Reps as Possible)

Power Cleans

70% of heaviest double from the first part

Set 2

4 Rounds for time- 20 min time cap. If they finish before the time cap go immediately to

the finisher.

10/13 Cal Assault Bike

5/5 DB Front Loaded Lateral Step Up and Over

8/8 Bear Stance Renegade Row

20 Wall Balls


In Remaining 20 mins....

1 Chin Up

1 Push Ups

2 Chin Ups

2 Push Ups

3 Chin Ups

3 Push Ups

Tuesday- Conditioning

Set 1

4 Round Grind- Work Strong and Steady

5 DB Bulgarian Split Squats Right Side 2/0/2 Tempo

5 Front Rack Reverse Lunge to Step Up Right Side

Repeat Both on Left Side

5/5 Renegade Row

Set 2

15 min AMRAP

300/350m Row

8 DB/KB Bent Over Rows

4/4 Thruster w/ Lateral Step

8 Box Jumps

Wednesday- Strength

Set 1-

8 x 4

Front Squat

Build weight to 80%

2/0/2 Tempo

Alternate stretches between sets

OH Openers

Active 1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Set 2-

E4MOM- 4 Rounds

8 Mr. Spectacular

8/8 KB/DB OH Walking Lunge

8/8 DB/KB Hop Over w/ TJT Reach

30 sec Jump Rope

Thursday- Conditioning


Set 1

3 Rounds

5/5 Single Arm DB Snatch

3 Scotty Bobs

40 sec Bike Sprint

60 sec rest (each round)

Set 2

3 Rounds

8 KB Deadlifts

8/8 Jump Lunges

45 sec Row Sprint

60 sec rest (each round)

Set 3-

3 Rounds

12 Tall kneeling DB Curl and Press

10 Push ups

12 Standing KB Pullover

10 Shoulder Y’s

Friday- Strength

Set 1-

4 Rounds

8 Bench Press

---@75 Tempo 2/0/2

12 Bent Over Rows- DB

--- Challenging Dumbbell weight. Tempo 2/0/2

Set 2-


Toes to Bar

SA KB Swings

Pull Up/Ring Row

SA KB Snatch

Lateral Squat Walk Goblet Hold

Saturday Sweat

8 am

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