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This week at Moving Mountains- Sept 8th

Happy Labor Day Week! We hope that you enjoyed an extra rest day and got to play outside before our beautiful weather turned rainy. See you Tuesday!

The Power Block is here! We have been preparing for this all summer. We are balance. We have the strength. Now we build the POWER! Here we go! This block is based on a concept called contrast training. We have introduced this in our prep weeks. Now, we add a little more intention and focus.

Contrast training uses supersets consisting of high-load resistance exercises followed immediately by bio-mechanically similar plyometrics. Combining the two brings about post-activation potentiation, as the strength exercise stimulates the nervous system to recruit more motor units, so more muscle fibers are activated during the plyometric exercises. Load to Explode. The load is "heavy" and the explode is BIG! Go for it!

The contrast training is paired with the mountain conditioning sets that you love!


FOCUS- Mobility for Overhead Lifting

Set 1

18 Min GRIND

Row 200 Meters

3/3 Burpee over Rower

12 DB Hang Squat Cleans

6 Reps 1/2 Get Ups Right

6 Reps 1/2 Get Ups Left

Set 2

Strength Finisher

3 Rounds

Rest as needed between sets

10 Dumbbell Reverse Flys

10 Ring Rows

10 Tricep Extension

10 Narrow Push Ups


FOCUS- Mobility for Overhead Lifting

Set 1

Lower Body Power

E2MOM x 5 sets

3 reps Back Squat (80-90%)

Immediately followed by

6 reps Multi Direction Box Jump

-1 reg box jump, 1 L, 1 R 2x's

Set 2

4 Rounds

Run 400 Meters

5/5 Alternating Bent Over Rows

10 Regular Bent Over Rows

10 Push Ups

10/10 Rotating Med Ball Wall Throw


FOCUS- Mobility for Overhead Lifting

Set 1

4 Rounds

10 Bulgarian Split Squat- R

5 Reverse Lunge to Step up- R (unweighted)

Repeat on Left

10 Kneeling Bicep Curl to Press

5 Burpee to Lateral box Jump- up and over Like Video but always shoulder toward box,

Jumping Left or Right to land on the box.


3 Tabatas

1 min rest between sets

T1- Meg syle- 20 seconds work 10 sec isometric hold. Alternating Moves

Jump Squat- Squat Hold

Twisting MTN Climbers- Plank Hold

T2- Meg syle- 20 seconds work 10 sec isometric hold. Alternating Moves

Alternating Side Planks- Side plank hold

Skater Jumps- Bottom of Skater hold

T3- Regular. 20 secs work. 10 sec rest

Assault Bike Sprints


Set 1

5 sets of 5 reps

Deadlift (75-85%)

Immediately followed by

3 max effort broad jumps

Overhead press (70-80%)

Immediately followed by

12/12 lateral bear crawl w/ crossover

Set 2

12 min AMRAP

6 DB Snatch R Arm

3/3 DB OH Reverse Lunges R Arm

6 DB Snatch L Arm

3/3 DB OH Reverse Lunges L Arm

3 Scotty Bobs

3 Burpees

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