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Moving Mountains Services


Multiple membership options that grant you access to our MTN Classes. 

Step 1: Free Consultation 
We get to know you. You get to know us.
Step 2: PREP Sessions
Movement assessment and class prep.
Step 3: MTN Classes
Start classes feeling confident and ready!


Individualized 1-on-1 programming that you can do anywhere.  ID includes workouts written specifically for you, delivered in our Moving Mountains Crew app with videos and notes from your coach.  The workouts are progressed week to week based on how you respond, how you are performing, how you are feeling and what your goals are. 

You have constant and continuous communication with your coach through videos, feedback, comments and messaging.


A monthly membership to access the Moving Mountains facility to train on your own.  

$65 per month

Hours are 4am to 10pm except during class times.

Open gym is CLOSED during class. ​

No contract. Membership auto renews monthly.


Healthy for Life

Fitness is only one small piece of the health puzzle.


Lifestyle coaching starts with evaluating your daily routine. We identify exactly where you are.  From there, we create a plan that progresses at your own pace. We meet weekly to check in on progress and make any necessary tweaks to the plan.


There is no goal too big or too small.


Our trainers are movement specialists that can help you to stay active, get out of pain, and improve performance.

One on One - Small Group

Schedule a call to learn more or to get started.


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