At Moving Mountains we have fitness programs for all levels of mountain adventurers. 

Our coaches bring a science-based approach to group fitness through two seasonal training blocks.  In the spring and summer months we  focus on building your body for activities like; hiking, biking, and running.  In the fall and winter we shift to snowsports like; downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, and snowboarding. Regardless of your recreation preference we have strength, agility, conditioning, and endurance programs for you.


We love science!  Our training blocks are paced around season peaks.  This means that if you make Moving Mountains a part of your routine your body will be at it’s strongest and most confident when you need to be. 

Large Group Training

No matter your style Moving Mountains has something for you!  We offer 3 styles of Mountain classes.  Mountain Strength, Mountain Conditioning, and Mountain Mobility. 

Check out our class schedule for more information.

Small Group Training

aka We Move Mountains

Large groups aren't your thing but solo workouts aren't either?  Moving Mountains Small Group Training is for you!  Classes require 3-5 people and are by appointment only.  Grab 3 of your friends and schedule a session today.  Programming is tailored to fit the goals of the group.

Email to book.  

Personal Training

aka I Move Mountains. 

IMM sessions are all about getting you to your goals.  Whether you want to run The Rut 50k or to keep up with your kids we will work together to set goals and build you a program that perfectly fits your needs.

Email to book. 

Class Descriptions


Integrated Performance Approach

All classes are one hour and run through two seasonal blocks with each block broken down three 6 week phases and integrated with your goals for that season. First, we build your foundation to keep you solid, this helps avoid injuries. As we get closer to your goals we build more strength and maintain balance. The final phase focuses on power to take you to the peak and not only achieve your goal but crush it.

Mountain Strength

No plateaus here!  This one hour multidimensional strength class will always keep your body guessing and improving.  Mountain Strength is a new name for the class that you know and love.  Stability, Strength and Power is the name of the game. In this total body workout anything goes!  Barbells, kettlebells, climbing rope, rings. You name it, it’s fair game. 

Mountain Conditioning

This circuit style strength and conditioning class will keep your heart rate up and your muscles shaking.  Even though this is a barbell free class, it doesn’t mean it’s weight free. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, sleds and more to create a mix that will hit your body from head to toe and will get you to your goals fast.

Mountain Mobility

Let’s get mobile!  Based on the science of Functional Range Conditioning, this class utilizes a system of mobility and joint control training that helps you build strength and control through motion. Mountain Mobility is a critical component to an integrated performance plan.

Other Offerings

Open Gym

Open gym hours are built around our class schedule.  

Expanded hours are LIVE 

Check out the schedule for current Open Gym hours. 

We Move Mountains

Schedule an appointment to workout with your friends today!

Mountain Kids

The goal of Mountain Kids is to help develop a love for health and fitness from a young age. Mountain Kids will help to prepare your kids for sports and all that mountain life throws at them.

No Classes Summer 2020

Stay tuned for future classes.

Lifestyle Coaching

Fitness is only one small piece of the health puzzle. Lifestyle coaching is all about changing old bad habits and replacing them with new healthy ones. In our weekly one on one sessions we set goals, make a plan that works for you, and follow through together. There is no goal to big or too small.

I Move Mountains

Personal training sessions with certified Personal Trainer Megan Gorder. 




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